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The Hair Monkey was founded by KK, a hair replacement specialist and styling professional, who aims to help others enhance their appearance, thus enabling them to feel renewed and truly good about themselves


A Few Words from KK Himself:

I would like the opportunity to work with you in order to create the perfect style and enhance your appearance, while also protecting your scalp.

Rest assured that I will be communicating during the entire process, to ensure that the final results will reflect your wishes entirely. Before anything else, I strive to understand the look you want and given my hair stylist experience, I will also be offering you suggestions to match your requirements.

It is my belief that a hair unit should be discreet, natural looking and affordable. This is exactly why, at The Hair Monkey, I tailor hair systems to suit any style, any colour, any cut, and to fit any age and lifestyle.


During our free initial consultation, I will share several types of hair enhancement options that you can pick from, as well as additional information on the looks that you can achieve. I will inform you on the durability, maintenance procedure, and aftercare package for each option.

Together, we will select the very best option to meet your needs

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