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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Are you feeling less confident and going through frustration because of your baldness and extreme hair fall? No worries, get your confidence back with The Hair Monkey's non-surgical hair replacement service. Our non-surgical service helps people by creating 100% customized non-surgical hair replacement systems for men and women so they can recreate their natural appearance.


We feel proud to say that, The Hair Monkey has professional knowledge and is experienced enough to offer the best advice and specialist services for those suffering from baldness. #Our specializes also in delivering high-quality hair systems and non-surgical hair replacement services in the west midlands and surrounding areas. You can get our helpful free no-obligation consultations for non-surgical hair replacement services in a caring and friendly environment.

Why Do Clients Choose Us?

The Hair Monkey loves to help people experiencing hair loss right across the board, and from when they first start to notice their hair is thinning. Our main goal is to help, advise and guide our valuable clients by providing sufficient informative information and offering some options, so they can decide what is suitable for them.

From template creation, haircut, and style, hair loss patch, tape on attachment, damaged hair repair, and other much more excellent hair replacement non-surgical treatments you can get from our high-skilled hair specialized.




We believe this is the safest and easiest method anyone can try to compare with surgical treatment. Surgical treatments take almost 2 to 6 hours to complete the task, and the client needs to wait for 1 year to see the final results. On the other hand, after the first initial consultation, the non-surgical method takes less than 2 hours to finish the complete non-surgical hair replacement procedure. Using this method, you can get a totally natural-looking hairline and experience a genuine feel to the touch. The best and the main advantage of a non-surgical hair substitute is it allows you to have a full head of hair that looks like your naturally growing hair.




These days, the baldness issue is increasing randomly for both males and females, and a non-surgical hair extension system has become a trend for everyone.   As a solution, many professional hair replacement specialists are offering a vast range of hair substitute systems and wigs for both genders. They can benefit from this treatment without having any significant side effects.

It is an ideal option for those who have lost hair due to any form of alopecia, chemotherapy, have other medical treatments, have sensitive skin, or suffered from burns and other reasons. Hair replacement non-surgical systems are also affordable,

so those who do not want to undergo medical procedures can take this treatment and save a lot of money.  

Some clients prefer taking a custom-designed hair system, and it is a suitable solution for those who have damaged hair. This custom-designed hair feels very natural and feels more like your hair. If you want an instant result, you can go under a non-surgical procedure for your baldness.  Professionals will help clients create a natural, full head of hair in the exact style they want. Most clients like this method because the system is satisfying and undetectable.


I Have Fine Hair Can I Take Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Treatment?

Our non-surgical hair replacement methods are mainly designed for clients who are facing hair loss and thinning hair. It will be wiser if you talk with our expert before taking the service.




When our professionals apply our non-surgical custom hair replacement on your hair, it will not damage your hair. But it has a neutral impact on your hair when applied.



It will completely depend on your hair condition and the base design you select. The custom hair extensions should normally last between 3 months to 1 year. More importantly, it will depend on how you look after your hair after application and following all the advice according to the expert.





If you are looking for a non surgical hair replacement service near you, then you can try The Hair Monkey. we do amazing non-surgical hair replacement for men and women at a reasonable price. In the Hair Monkey hair replacement service, you can get the best undetectable, lightweight, and complete hair replacement plans as our client. Not only that, we will provide you with a modern non-surgical hair replacement for non-intrusive attachment, allowing the wearer to engage in sporting and water activities without facing any problem. Our experts can professionally create customized hair with their exact age-appropriate definition based upon their desires and lifestyle. we will also help a client to select a hairstyle that meets their expectations and is appropriate for them. Undoubtedly, you can take our non-surgical options in the early stages of hair loss.

We believe that a non-surgical hair replacement method is more worthy and affordable. To achieve seamless, easy, and comfortable results within a short time, feel free to book from the Hair Monkey's non-surgical hair replacement service.

Why Should You Consider Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Procedure?

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