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Women Hair Replacement

Hair loss can be devastating and emotionally traumatizing experience for women of all ages, Be it caused by alopecia, menopause, post-pregnancy, or any other medical condition, Here at The Hair Monkey understands how difficult it is for people to cope with their own personal situations. We offer you a non-surgical solution which will increase your confidence and improve your self-image.


Your days of limiting yourself are soon over!

Our hair replacement systems will allow you to put away your hats and scarves. By choosing us you can forget that you ever had a hair loss problem with our range of hair loss solutions 

transforming the way you look within minutes. We will offer discreet environment and a cost-effective service, so you can feel at ease during the entire process.

We use the latest techniques and innovations to replace your hair and match its natural texture, Our  hair systems includes: lace systems, silk bases, mono systems, skin systems, full cap systems or topper natural hair systems, 

You will feel energised and look amazing with a hair system that looks, feels, and moves naturally. You will also be able to wash it, comb it, restyle it, and do everything else that you would normally do with your natural hair, like swimming, traveling in open vehicles, and so much more.

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