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Hair Systems For Women

What is a Hair Systems?

When someone hears about hair system, the first question that comes to mind is what are they? You may have heard of them referred to as a hairpiece, wiglet, top extension, etc. But regardless of their various names, they all work similarly: to disguise your thinning hair by giving it a boost in volume and looks healthy. The hair systems not only designed for thin hair but allow you to live your live normal like others.

 So what are they exactly?

Hair Systems are kind of a hair topper which attach straight to your scalp, it becomes the major part of your body, you can run, swim, gym, sleep, exercise, do shampoo conditioner with it, its wont come off even someone try to yank it wont come off, pretty much every thing  you can do with it, it designed to offer you maximum freedom in your life


Hair Topper VS Wigs Vs Hair System

There is a common misconception that hair toppers, wigs and hair systems are the same things, but they serve different purposes and are not interchangeable. Clips are used to secure hair toppers for thinning crown areas as close to the scalp as possible. Wigs are full-coverage wigs with hair strands sewn into a cap but both of them are not permanent, any one can pull off, you can swim, shower, gym, do shampoo conditioner like THE HAIR SYSTEM. 


Is It Appropriate For Me To Use a Hair System 

As we have mentioned above on how flexible and flawless solution hair toppers are for boosting texture volume and adding styling versatility, hair toppers are easy to retain as well.  It doesn't mean a hair topper for women is the right solution for you. You should be aware of what is causing the hair loss as the issue might be more severe than you think. 

          Here are some facts about women's hair. Women usually lose 50-100 hairs every day. So if you think you are losing more hair, then there might be other things that are causing this, like alopecia, a dietary shift, or an underlying medical condition. If you are noticing hair loss on the crown area of your head, then topper hair with a small base will be an excellent choice.  If you are noticing bald spots or patches, then a medium base could be the better choice. 

  and if your scalp is bald noticeably then you should consider The Hair System.

How To Choose Hair System

 You Cant choose and pick your Hair system, there are several factors you should consider when choosing a hair  System, we as a technician will decide which is best for you , we will match your hair colour, texture, curls, density and hair base - your life style plays a major role when we choose hair base for you, 

          Hair Toppers and wigs are cheap, so you can purchase several pieces without breaking your budget. 

          Hair Systems integrate seamlessly, making it look more invisible. Your natural hair will be visible but blending so well with new hair system, Hair system are very convenient and easy to use. . 



If you are looking for a hair systems for women's service, then Hair Monkey has got you covered. We deal with human hair only, we can design hair  system for your scalp. Our system will bring back your natural freedom. 

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