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Hair Replacement for Men


Are you struggling to get used to your new looks after experiencing hair loss or baldness?

The Hair Monkey offers clients 100% customised non-surgical hair replacement systems, tailored to suit their lifestyle and requirements, and offering them the natural look and feel of growing hair.

With our cutting-edge solutions we will create bespoke Hair Systems for you, not only will your scalp be able to breathe, but you will also be able to enjoy all the freedom of an active lifestyle, including swimming, cycling, exercising, showering, and sleeping – in short, everything you would be able to do with your natural hair

You may have considered hair transplants before; however, although they have been around for a long time, they are expensive and bring forth some major risks. The results are not guaranteed, and transplant rejection occurs in many cases. Often, your hair will continue to fall off, forcing you to get more transplants and thus having to spend significant sums of money on the procedure, while also having to deal with scaring.

Our innovative technology

Non-surgical hair replacement systems are a proven solution that will help you reclaim your looks. No more surgery and scars, no more spending your life’s earnings on uncertain results. The Hair Monkey offers you the transformation you’ve always wanted within a 90-minutes session, all without the hassle of surgery

By opting for our quality hair systems, you choose to walk away with increased confidence and with all the liberty of styling your looks just the way you want to, by using either hair wax, gel, or setting lotions.


Get the hair style you’ve always wanted, feel younger, and be more confident in your looks.

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