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When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better and you even start to attrack better,


The Hair Monkey offer you the power of hope & believe that something better is always possible if you willing to step up, we have a range of services to enhance your appears and make that one first step possible.

If you are looking for a non surgical hair replacement service near you, then you can try The Hair Monkey. we do amazing non-surgical hair replacement for men and women at a reasonable price. In the Hair Monkey hair replacement service, you can get the best undetectable, lightweight, and complete hair replacement plans as our client. Not only that, we will provide you with a modern non-surgical hair replacement for non-intrusive attachment, allowing the wearer to engage in sporting and water activities without facing any problem. Our experts can professionally create customized hair with their exact age-appropriate definition based upon their desires and lifestyle. we will also help a client to select a hairstyle that meets their expectations and is appropriate for them. Undoubtedly, you can take our non-surgical options in the early stages of hair loss.

We believe that a non-surgical hair replacement m

ethod is more worthy and affordable. To achieve seamless, easy, and comfortable results within a short time, feel free to book from the Hair Monkey's non-surgical hair replacement service.

Heading 1

Template creation     Alopecia Aerate Patch


Scalp cleansing          Haircut and style

Base selection            

Hair loss patch           Bonding full or Partial

System colouring       Perimeter bonding


Knot bleaching           Tape-on attachment 

Highlights                    Cutting service/new unit


Hair Colour Match      Damaged hair repair

Hair attachment cleaning and restoring

Drop/Pickup system for cleaning

Selection of human hair units for men

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